Thursday, January 28, 2016

I am a Stay at Home Mom

Things were crazy last year. Busy at work, busy at home. I don't even have time for myself (including this blog). People say that sometimes, we need to take a step back and look what we're missing.

It took one event. One event that make me realized... I have to step back and say, "I have to do this". Nobody know about this story except my family and bestfriends. Now, I'm telling you.

I was very busy at work because my boss think I can do everything. Believe me.. If I could turn back time, I will not show that I am a multitasker. I'm good at it. Give me anything and I will do it within the stipulated time. Whenever other workers can't do it, I can. He trusted me. When I say, "It the best choice", he will agree with me completely. Because he knows I do research first before come into any conclusion.

But that job drained me. I was busy, I was tired. But sadly, I love my job (except for the "everything" part). I wanted to quite and find a new job but.... There's always "but".

Until one day, my parents decided to bring us to perform umrah.

2 persons in the BOD but only one agreed to let me take a long leave (14 days to be exact). Another one? She was angry! Why? Because she wanted to take a long holiday too. So she needed me to be in the office. Me, the multitasker, who they trusted so much, have to run that company when she's not around. Erk, what?

Therefore, I decided to quit. Adios. Bye Bye!

They were shocked with my decision. I had to face my boss for 2 hours because he was trying to "pujuk" me. I wanted to quit since September 2014 and this event had opened my eyes. I gave so much to that company but when the time comes, she just ignored my request.

Jemputan dari Allah itu lebih penting dari kerja.

So now, I am a full time housewife, full time mother and wife. Wow! Nak kerja semula ke tak? Tengoklah dulu. Kalau dapat good offer, apa salahnya.

Di hadapan Jabal Uhud. Kagum bila nampak depan mata.

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Ainul Mustafa said...

congrats ! i'm working at home mom:)

Mieza Everdeen said...

sometimes the best choice for our own self is the choice that no one agrees to. May Allah bless you with endless rezeki and good opportunities all the time kak Liz ^_^

Liz said...

ainul> helloooo... WAHM in progress. hehehe.

mieza> thank you mieza. amin.


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