Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Lifebuoy Global Handwashing Day

In conjunction with the 8th Global Handwashing Day, Unilever Malaysia’s leading health soap Lifebuoy is gathering Malaysians to pledge for good hand hygiene by practicing proper handwashing techniques.

Lifebuoy, the world’s leading health soap, is taking on the fight against germs by educating families on the importance of proper handwashing techniques. As a proud supporting partner of the Global Handwashing Day Campaign, Lifebuoy is playing its part to improve the health and well-being of Malaysians - one handwash at a time through its behavioral change initiative.

This is the fifth consecutive year the Ministry of Health is partnering with Lifebuoy for “Program Doktor Muda Bersama Lifebuoy”. This is yet another ongoing behavioural change programme with one hundred selected primary schools nationwide, where students who are selected as the “Doktor Muda” will undergo special training on the basics of healthcare by completing exercises and learning modules set by the Ministry. Launched in March 2011, the Doktor Muda programme aims at empowering students to promote and influence good hygiene behaviour amongst their peers and even family members. Lifebuoy recognizes that peer-to-peer education instils a sense of responsibility in the children by giving them the right set of tools and knowledge for them to spread a good deed to their peers and family. This programme has reached out to over 250,000 children in Malaysia to date.

This year, as part of the Global Handwashing Day initiative, Lifebuoy is gathering pledges from mothers and families to increase awareness on the importance of the simple act of handwashing. Targeted at empowering mothers, this behavioral change initiative looks to educate Malaysians on handwashing techniques to protect and safeguard families from potential infections. To support this cause, all you have to do is take a picture of you and your family pledging to practice good handwashing habits and post it up with the hashtag ‪#‎LifebuoyGHD2015.

Lifebuoy runs the world’s largest hygiene behaviour change programme and has already reached over 257 million people across 24 countries since 2010. As a continuous effort to expand Lifebuoy’s outreach programmes, Lifebuoy Malaysia has again tied up with the Ministry of Health and Education to craft a more extensive school programme. Lifebuoy will adopt selected schools in rural areas as part of its on-going efforts to empower kids to take care of their overall hygiene starting with handwashing. These kids will be provided the necessary tools to practice good hand hygiene and the knowledge and drive to make handwashing part of their everyday routine. This programme will be undertaken next year and will play a key role in contributing to Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan in which Lifebuoy is aiming to change the handwashing behaviour of one billion people by 2020.

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