Thursday, April 23, 2015

Everyone’s favourite trio of chipmunks are back!

Nickelodeon and Bagdasarian Productions are bringing Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and The Chipettes back to television in the all-new, CG-animated series ALVINNN!!!! and The Chipmunks premiering Friday, 8 May at 5.50pm (TH/WIB), 6.50pm (HK/SG) and 7.30pm (PH) and Friday, 15 May at 7.55pm (MY) on Nickelodeon. The new series reunites Janice Karman and Ross Bagdasarian, the duo behind the original 1980s animated series and three blockbuster feature films, and will mark the return of the franchise to television after 20 years.

ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks follows the friendship of Alvin, Simon, Theodore and The Chipettes as they face growing up and learning new life lessons. Each episode will feature an original song produced by Bagdasarian. In the half-hour series premiere, Alvin is not thrilled about going back to school; that is, until he sees the new Principal and develops a crush in “Principal Interest.” Then in “Talking Teddy," Theodore’s new talking-teddy bear is driving Alvin and Simon nuts. The two decide to rewire the bear to follow their instructions.

After the premiere, new episodes of ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks will air weekends from Saturday, 16 May at 10.30am (TH/WIB), 11am (PH) and 11.30am (HK/SG) and Saturday, 23 May at 9.25am (MY) on Nickelodeon.

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