Friday, September 12, 2014

The story of my book

Eventhough this post is under "Book Review" label, it is not a book review. But this post is about book.

Every book that I bought has a story. I'm not referring to the storyline itself but a story about how I know about the book and the obstacle I had to face when buying it.

"Obstacle" is such a big word. Oh, don't be too dramatic, boleh tak Liz?

I find this process is quite interesting. Whenever people suggest me a new book, I will read more than 5 reviews (that don't include too much spoiler) before deciding whether it suits me... which cover is nicer (some books have more than one design and then, I have to choose whether to get soft cover or hard cover)... how much is the price... I should buy it or not. Some books are easy to find at the bookstore but not The Bestseller books that obviously, sell out fast!

This book is an example (be patient, you will know the title at the end of this post). Knew about it long time ago but decided not to buy it until I watch the movie. Then the movie came out but I didn't watch it because I don't think hubby will watch this kind of movie (he's not a romantic person and it will be cruel to force him watch this kind of movie, don't you think?).

So I went to the MPH Jusco Maluri. It was sold out. There was an empty spot at the bookshelves. It's okay Liz. You can buy another book. How about Best of Me? No! Urm, Fifty Shades of Grey? Yucks!! I didn't know how long I stood there... staring at the empty spot. Why? Why?

To cut the drama, I asked the SA to check when is the next arrival. She went to the back for a minute and ran back to me. "Kak, tunggu sekejap! Stok baru dah sampai!" Zupp.. berdesup dia berlari balik ke dalam store.

I was like smiling and almost crying at the same time. Yes, I can be emotional when it comes to book that is hard to get.  I followed her to a small store. "Dik, akak nak cover yang original tau. Bukan yang filem punya". I can be quite demanding too.. hihihi.

She and the other girl tried to locate the box containing the book with an original cover. There was like 20 unopened boxes on the floor. Oh, pity them. A minute or two, she handed over the book to me.

It was a priceless experience.

"Nasib baik ada kak" she grinned.

The SA name is Nur Adriana (stated at the receipt). Thank you for your awesome service!

Note : I had watched the movie on Wednesday night. It was weird to see Hazel and Augustus. Not because the actor and actress didn't do a good job. It's because the actor and actress act as a brother and sister in Divergent. Weird.....

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