Monday, February 24, 2014

What Do You Want to Do Before You Die?

Do you have your own Bucket List? Generally, Bucket List is a list of things you want to do before you die. It can be anything! You boleh cuba tengok movie The Bucket List. You juga boleh tengok episod-episod dalam The Buried Life. You will get the idea.

I have my own Bucket List. I don't call it "My Bucket List". I call it "What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?" list. Hahaha... nampak sangat terpengaruh dengan The Buried Life. "Bucket List" sounds old, don't you think?

Ada di antaranya yang I dah berjaya capai. I akan blog mana-mana yang I dah buat, ok? My list is a combination of something serious and silly.


1. Do bungee jump
2. Climb Kinabalu Mountain
3. Help a total stranger 
4. Be an organ donor (and make sure my family give permission) 
5. Sponsor an orphan
6. Try ice skating
7. Pose with a world superstar
8. Have my own terrace house
9. Watch fireflies
10. Travel to NZ
11. Participate in Soup Kitchen Program
12. Attend a Grammy Award-winning singer’s concert
13. Donate blood more than 20 times
14. Solo backpacking
15. Reconcile with a lost friend
16. See snow… I mean real snow :)
17. Learn to swim
18. Sleep under the stars
19. Drive a Lamborghini
20. Skydiving
21. Grow a backyard garden
22. See the Northern Lights
23. Experience zero gravity
24. Stay alone in the dark for an hour
25. Have my own property
26. Open my own business
27. Perform Umrah / Hajj
28. Go fishing at sea
29. Go camping in the wood ( I went camping once.. long time ago, jadi tak dikira)
30. Witness a meteor shower
31. Be part of flashmob
32. Tell someone selfish that he/she is selfish 
33. Drive more than 140 kilometer per hour
34. Fly first class

Setakat ni, baru sampai No. 34. Insya Allah list ni akan berkembang lagi. Ada banyak benda I nak buat dan cuba. Nanti I update lagi :)

4 scribble(s):

BugBahrain said...

wow.. nk drive 225.30816 km/h! goodluck!

Liz said...

oh bug, typo di situ. aku pun tak perasan. but kalau laju mcm tu, best juga. cuma kena cari kereta yang sesuai

BugBahrain said...

owhh..140 km/h actually senang je nk achieve. normally, if ko drive kat highway, top speed ko brapa?

Liz said...

memang senang tapi aku tak pernah nak langgar peraturan on the road. must drive safely. top speed? 120km/h je.


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