Monday, December 02, 2013

Make a wish with

For those who celebrate Christmas, it is a day to be with your family. A celebration where you have special meals for Christmas Eve, singing Christmas carol, exchange gifts etc. I know because I had watched too many Christmas drama and movies.

I'm not celebrating Christmas but it doesn't mean I can't make a wish. Especially this time when is willing to grant a few wishes. Again, this project is brought to you by The Butterfly Project.

Guess what girls? Santa Hermo is looking to grant wishes from butterflies this Christmas! You know how we love making wish list of things we so dearly want but never check out from the shopping cart online. Now it's your chance to blog about all the things you wish for from and well if you really want to catch Santa's attention, mention Hermo Christmas promotions on your post!

I had a hard time to choose what I want. This is my wish.

RM 80
This is high-concentration multiberry extract yogurt pack that nourishes skin from deep inside and leaves skin supple.

I heard a good reviews about this product from other beauty bloggers. It contains new fermented yogurt which can stimulate collagen production. It smells good too. It will leave your skin smooth and supple. Wow, I really want to know whether it's true. , please grant my wish.

Girls, did you know that is having Christmas sale right now?

You can get a limited edition gift card, participate in "Spin to Win" where you can win great prizes and many super value gift set to buy for someone you love! So why not head off to to shop.

Interested to join this giveaway? Click here : My Christmas Wish List

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