Friday, November 01, 2013

Why I want to party with Kinohimitsu

Woot woot! It's November and to close this year with a bang, The Butterfly Project will bring The Butterflies a Hawaiian Luau Party.

I never went to Hawaii before. The closest I can get is through Bruno Mars (he’s from Hawaii) and Keanu Reeves (in Hawaiian, “Keanu” means mist over the mountains). Some say the Hawaii beaches are the real white sandy beaches than beaches all around the world. Wow! Therefore when I see this banner at The Butterfly Project FB, I already make hula kahiko dance in my head.

Thanks to Kinohimitsu Malaysia as a main sponsor, they will “transport” 50 bloggers to Hawaiian Luau Party where we will get to know all about Kinohimitsu products.

Their latest product : Kinohimitsu Beauty and Health Drinks

Only Kinohimitsu has the most complete range of functional drinks which are innovative and effective. We capture the best of Nature in a bottle with a complete range of remedies for your detox, health and beauty needs. Perfect for a quick boost whenever you need it, Kinohimitsu's bottled drinks are exclusively unrivalled.

But where can we find Hawaii in Kuala Lumpur? This time around, they will transform Vila Manja Spa to be a mini Hawaii complete with a lush jungle. Girls always love spa. Count me in!

Kinohimitsu is a well-known brand from Japan that focusing in detox, health and beauty products. Product such as Kinohimitsu Health Pad is available at many stores in Malaysia while their  beauty drinks are popular among women.

I have a fond memory with Kinohimitsu. Long time ago, I worked as a Sales Assistant in a pharmacy. It is a part time job during my study break. There was a guy. Call it a window shopping, he browsed from shelf to shelf…like he didn’t know what to buy. Strange, huh? Then he came to me with Kinohimitsu Health Pad at his hand and asked, “Is this a good product?”. I replied, “Yes, it is? Kinohimitsu is a well known brand. Of course, it is good!” . “Have you tried it?”. “No” “Then how can you claim that it is a good product?”.That guy is my husband. He was just messing with me but he got a point. You have to know and try the product first.

A few months back, I saw Kinohimitsu Kino Rub at the counter and decided to give it a try as it claims that it has a cooling effect that will soothe and calm you. It is different than other counterpain creams because it doesn't leave a burning sensation on your skin. I'm using it whenever I feel so tired and cannot sleep. Just apply it at my tired muscle and I'll be okay for the rest of the night.

So why I want to party with Kinohimitsu?

I want to try Kinohimitsu Health and Beauty Drinks but I'm not really sure which one is good and suitable for me.  I can see from the party banner that they will give introduction and well explanation about their beauty drinks and their latest product. Hopefully I will get an invite to this party. That is the best way for me to know about Kinohimitsu beauty drinks.

The best part is I'll get a chance to mingle with the other 49 bloggers. I already met some of the girls so to be around with new friends is one way to boost my confident. I'm a shy person but don't count me out :)

To know more about the sponsors, go to their links below:

The Butterfly Project

Kinohimitsu Malaysia

Vila Manja Spa

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Demi Garfin Falle said...

Hi, I am sure that your country have a lot of beautiful beaches as well. Hawaii have nice beaches, but just like any other beaches in Asia, it is similarly beautiful :-), except this is an American state. I came across your blog and I thought there will be butterflies in it, Lol, but looks like some beauty products intstead?

Liz said...

Hi there!

Oh, I'm so sorry for making you confuse. There's nothing about butterflies in here. Actually, The Butterfly Project is a beauty blogger group that focus on beauty products such as skincare, make up and beauty drinks :)


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