Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why I need an invite to this massage party

July is approaching and I'm excited because :

1) It's less than 2 weeks before we start fasting.
2) My daughter will participate in the Sports Day.. this is her first time. Yeay!
2) My hubby's birthday is around the corner

But most of all... July is all about relaxing as The Butterfly Project will bring The Massage Party to 50 lucky bloggers!

Now who will join the board this time?

The Massage Party will be held at Amante Nail Spa and Body Care. Never heard of Amante Nail Spa and Body Care before? It's been four years since they started the business and now Amante Spa and Body Care has become one of the popular choices for women to get their massage and treatment in a relaxing environment. You can choose to do :

- Spa manicure and pedicure
- Aromatheraphy body massage
- Hair removal waxing
- Natural eyelash extension
- Facial treatment
- Jacuzzi and far infra sauna body treatment

A total comfort..don't you want it already?

Let's get our nails pretty

You can get more info from their FB here : Amante Nail Spa and Body Care.

A massage party without delicious food is not a party at all. Don't you think? So for this big party, Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party will bring us sweet treats that is hard to resist. How sweet? Well, just look at their dessert table during Plus Size Kitten Blog Birthday Movie Party recently.

You need something sweet once a while in you life, right?

Interested to know more about their service? You can get it at their FB : Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party.

You have a relaxing massage, have a bite of the sweet desserts... what else? Party is not complete without having a "fun-giggling" photo! Too busy to snap photos? Don't worry as Photobooth Malaysia will capture all the fun moments.

More info at their FB : Photobooth Malaysia.

Do you know why I really really really really want to go to this masage party? (Yeah, I'm desperate!)


Urm, never? Ok, that's not really truth. I have a loving husband  who is willingly help to massage my shoulder or my feet.. or my back when I'm too tired. But sometimes, I really want to feel a nice massage from a professional. Sorry hubby, we don't even have hot basalt stones to put on my back.

The warmth of the hot stones helps to penetrate deep, 
aching muscles and stimulate blood circulation 
while encouraging your body to heal.

Fun fact : I don't have hot basalt stones at my house so it's a very good reason why I must get an invite to this massage party :)


The Butterfly Project  is a community where bloggers who write about beauty and lifestyle share their posts and updates under one platform. It's been fun to read other people experiences and reviews and through this party, I wish to meet the other 49 awesome bloggers. I never met Tammy and Illy before. Hey girls, it's about time for you to meet your FB stalker.. Hihihi.

Fun fact : It's better to know your stalker in person, just in case.


Being a mother, you have to do everything quickly. Yes, I mean everything. Have a quick shower, a quick meal time.. you get the idea. Sometimes, I wish to have a way to go back to the past where I feel less stress and I can take my own sweet time to enjoy the life. Don't get wrong, I love my life now but if you gave me an invitation to go for a massage party, I will make sure to ask my hubby to take care our daughter so I can have a time to be ME again.

Fun fact : There is no way to be a perfect mother.. and a million ways to be a good one, just let me have a massage first :D

So that's it. Hope to get an invite to this party.

For more info about this party, feel free to check about it here : The Massage Party.

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