Monday, October 22, 2012

A wishful thinking on my 30th birthday

Birthday celebration will be nothing without a cake. It does not matter whether it is a cupcake, a slice of your favourite cake or a whole of nicely decorated cake, cake always put a smile on your face.

A day before my birthday, I had to bake 2 Carrot Walnut Cakes for my customers. Call it an instinct, I know that my last year's wish will not come true. So I made a cupcake for myself.

My birthday is on 21st October. Thanks to papa and mama. It is no surprise because parents will never forget their children's birthdays. I really appreciate their wishes.

Afternoon approached. Finally finished my work and my body was aching. Celebrate my own birthday? I was thinking not to really think about it (hah!) when beep.. beep! A SMS from my dear friend. Thank you for your thought and prayer. I replied, "Hihihi" but I was not laughing at all. In the evening, I was alone at home. Another beep beep sound came from my mobile phone. A friend who is far away cheered me up by spelling my name with his trademark.. Lixa.

These two friends who are out of reach.. they never forget my birthday since 12 years ago. I should be thankful to Allah for giving me such a good friends. At last, I ate my cupcake.

A new reader might think that I am a single lady. Anyway, Happy Birthday to me.


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