Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random thought

Buletin Utama. I was shocked with a statement from No. 4 about No. 5. Reporters asked No. 4 about No. 6 leadership. No. 4 said that No. 6 is better than No. 5. No's 5 was incompetent!

We're talking about No. 6. Can we please not include No. 5?

Why No. 4 is still giving his POV? You should enjoy your retirement like No. 5.

2 scribble(s):

maisy said...

sebab no 4 still not satisfy with no 5..tak boleh di lupakan sampai bile2... bcoz no 5 also give the biggest impact to our nation till today..

Liz Rohaizat said...

maisya> impact yg mcm mana? care to elaborate? for me, kalau ckp psl no. 6, no. 6 aje la. tak payah nak condemn no. 5. x psl2 je. no. 5 pun dah senyap


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