Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

"I saw him for the first time - bent down and kissed him for the first time. He slept on my chest for the first time, gripped my finger with the whole of his tiny hand for the first time. I drove him home for the first time - slowly, through London traffic, praying other drivers took extra care this special day, understanding those bright yellow Baby on Board signs for the first time. And I carried him indoors, and showed him his home - full of love, love just for him - for the very first time.

From that point on, the firsts just keep coming. The first time you burp him, when you realise there is nothing cuter on the planet than burping a baby. Then there's the first adventure outdoors, nervously swerving your pram down a side street if there's even a hint of a rumour of a dog nearby. The first smile. The first unusual rash you spot, the first anxious Googling of the symptoms, the first time you realise that with 3.8 billion search results returned it's probably something quite common!"

~ A dad named Danny Wallace, north London

To all fathers around the world, Happy Father's Day!

I'll blog about our Father's Day celebration with dearest hubby tomorrow =)

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