Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hebat sangatkah jika berjaya menyusukan anak hingga berumur 2 tahun?

Sejak akhir-akhir ini, kesedaran untuk menyusukan bayi dengan susu ibu telah meningkat di kalangan ibu-ibu terutamanya ibu-ibu muda yang terdedah dengan ilmu pengetahuan yang diperoleh melalui media cetak dan media elektronik. Sejak dari awal lagi, ibu-ibu ini telah cuba memenuhkan ilmu di dada dengan segala pengetahuan mengenai penyusuan susu ibu. Ada di kalangan mereka begitu tegar hingga meletakkan sasaran untuk menyusukan bayi mereka sekurang-kurangnya hingga bayi mereka berumur 2 tahun. Ia bukan diwajibkan hatta dalam Islam sekali pun. Islam itu mudah tak tidak menyusahkan umatnya. Islam menggalakan si ibu menyusukan anak selama mana yang mereka mampu.

Golongan ibu yang tegar ingin menyusukan anak hingga berusia 2 tahun ni (mari kita labelkan mereka sebagai golongan A) kadang kala mengundang rasa tidak senang dan tidak puas hati di kalangan ibu-ibu yang lain terutamanya ibu-ibu yang tidak menyusukan anak dengan susu ibu hingga berumur 2 tahun (golongan B). Mungkin terbit rasa kecewa kerana tidak berusaha memberikan yang terbaik untuk anak. Ada segelintir golongan B bertindak melemparkan kata-kata kejian dan umpatan terhadap golongan A. Ada juga golongan A yang memperlekeh golongan B, kononnya tidak memberikan yang terbaik untuk anak.

Adakah berjaya menyusukan anak hingga berumur 2 tahun tu dilabel HEBAT dan yang hanya berjaya menyusukan anak selama 2 bulan tu dilabel GAGAL?

Apa yang hebat? Apa yang gagal?

Perkara ini yang harus kita betulkan. Buang sikap suka melabel orang sesuka hati jika kita tidak tahu apa yang telah dilalui oleh golongan B. Mereka mesti mempunyai sebab tersendiri.

Pada golongan B, ketahuilah bahawa anda telah memberikan yang terbaik untuk anak walaupun dalam jangka masa yang singkat. Tidak perlu terbit rasa kecewa dalam diri sendiri walaupun sekarang anda tidak memberikan susu yang terbaik di dunia buat anak anda.

Ada segelintir golongan A menjadikan blog peribadi mereka sebagai medium untuk bercerita tentang pengalaman dan halangan yang mereka lalui sepanjang mereka menyusukan bayi mereka. Mungkin ada yang sengaja menulis seperti mendabik dada tetapi kebanyakan mereka dari golongan A ini menulis dengan begitu bersemangat kerana ingin menanam sifat positif dalam diri mereka sendiri dan cuba menunjukkan kepada ibu-ibu yang lain bahawa menyusukan anak walaupun anda bekerjaya itu adalah sesuatu yang tidak mustahil sama sekali! Seringkali motif mereka disalah ertikan.

Ini artikel dalaman dari Cuba baca. Walau di mana pun tempat anda, anda semua IBU YANG HEBAT!

Breastfeeding your baby for even a day is the best baby gift you can give. Breastfeeding is almost always the best choice for your baby. If it doesn't seem like the best choice for you right now, these guidelines may help.

IF YOU NURSE YOUR BABY FOR JUST A FEW DAYS, he will have received your colostrum, or early milk. By providing antibodies and the food his brand-new body expects, nursing gives your baby his first - and easiest - "immunization" and helps get his digestive system going smoothly. Breastfeeding is how your baby expects to start, and helps your own body recover from the birth. Why not use your time in the hospital to prepare your baby for life through the gift of nursing?

IF YOU NURSE YOUR BABY FOR FOUR TO SIX WEEKS, you will have eased him through the most critical part of his infancy. Newborns who are not breastfed are much more likely to get sick or be hospitalized, and have many more digestive problems than breastfed babies. After 4 to 6 weeks, you'll probably have worked through any early nursing concerns, too. Make a serious goal of nursing for a month, call La Leche League or a Lactation Consultant if you have any questions, and you'll be in a better position to decide whether continued breastfeeding is for you.

IF YOU NURSE YOUR BABY FOR 3 OR 4 MONTHS, her digestive system will have matured a great deal, and she will be much better able to tolerate the foreign substances in commercial formulas. If there is a family history of allergies, though, you will greatly reduce her risk by waiting a few more months before adding anything at all to her diet of breastmilk. And giving nothing but your milk for the first four months gives strong protection against ear infections for a whole year.

IF YOU NURSE YOUR BABY FOR 6 MONTHS, she will be much less likely to suffer an allergic reaction to formula or other foods. At this point, her body is probably ready to tackle some other foods, whether or not you wean. Nursing for at least 6 months helps ensure better health throughout your baby's first year of life, and reduces your own risk of breast cancer. Nursing for 6 months or more may greatly reduce your little one's risk of ear infections and childhood cancers. And exclusive, frequent breastfeeding during the first 6 months, if your periods have not returned, provides 98% effective contraception.

IF YOU NURSE YOUR BABY FOR 9 MONTHS, you will have seen him through the fastest and most important brain and body development of his life on the food that was designed for him - your milk. You may even notice that he is more alert and more active than babies who did not have the benefit of their mother's milk. Weaning may be fairly easy at this age... but then, so is nursing! If you want to avoid weaning this early, be sure you've been available to nurse for comfort as well as just for food.

IF YOU NURSE YOUR BABY FOR A YEAR, you can avoid the expense and bother of formula. Her one-year-old body can probably handle most of the table foods your family enjoys. Many of the health benefits this year of nursing has given your child will last her whole life. She will have a stronger immune system, for instance, and will be much less likely to need orthodontia or speech therapy. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends nursing for at least a year, to help ensure normal nutrition and health for your baby.

IF YOU NURSE YOUR BABY FOR 18 MONTHS, you will have continued to provide your baby's normal nutrition and protection against illness at a time when illness is common in other babies. Your baby is probably well started on table foods, too. He has had time to form a solid bond with you - a healthy starting point for his growing independence. And he is old enough that you and he can work together on the weaning process, at a pace that he can handle. A former U.S. Surgeon General said, "it is the lucky baby... that nurses to age two."

IF YOUR CHILD WEANS WHEN SHE IS READY, you can feel confident that you have met your baby's physical and emotional needs in a very normal, healthy way. In cultures where there is no pressure to wean, children tend to nurse for at least two years. The World Health Organization and UNICEF strongly encourage breastfeeding through toddlerhood: "Breastmilk is an important source of energy and protein, and helps to protect against disease during the child's second year of life."* Our biology seems geared to a weaning age of between 2 1/2 and 7 years**, and it just makes sense to build our children's bones from the milk that was designed to build them. Your milk provides antibodies and other protective substances as long as you continue nursing, and families of nursing toddlers often find that their medical bills are lower than their neighbors' for years to come. Mothers who have nursed longterm have a still lower risk of developing breast cancer. Children who were nursed longterm tend to be very secure, and are less likely to suck their thumbs or carry a blanket. Nursing can help ease both of you through the tears, tantrums, and tumbles that come with early childhood, and helps ensure that any illnesses are milder and easier to deal with. It's an all-purpose mothering tool you won't want to be without! Don't worry that your child will nurse forever. All children stop eventually, no matter what you do, and there are more nursing toddlers around than you might guess.

WHETHER YOU NURSE FOR A DAY OR FOR SEVERAL YEARS, the decision to nurse your child is one you need never regret. And whenever weaning takes place, remember that it is a big step for both of you. If you choose to wean before your child is ready, be sure to do it gradually, and with love.

18 scribble(s):

Fid said...

menyusu anak sampai 13 tahun sekali pun tak akan hebat seseorang tu kalau setakat nak menunjuk
kalau memang dah niat suci lain kira leee

ehh adakah I ada mendabik2 dada??

Liz Rohaizat said...

kak fid> ahaha.. jgn la risau. for me, akak tak berlagak pun. maybe org lain salah faham dgn cara penulisan akak, maka mereka anggap akak mendabik dada. tp saya dah terbiasa. so, x payah risau.

p!nkerton said...

tq liz for sharing, tgk benefits bf ni lagi la berkobar2 nak bf selama mungkin kan..
bab mendabik dada dapat bf tu very subjective kan. aku setuju dgn yg ko ckp tu, sometimes drg tulis just for motivation & inspire org, tapi ada yg tulis 'mcm bagus sgt' pon tak elok juga, kesian pada readers dgr yg tak bf. mesti kecik hati or marah. yg penting niat, & kene bersyukur sbb diberi rezeki utk bf baby.
depends la, janji bahagia hehe..

Liz Rohaizat said...

fatih> yes, tak wajib pun nak susukan anak sampai 2 thn. berilah selama mana yg kita mampu. ada certain babies dah weaned off sblm 2 thn. jd mak2 tak perlu ralat.

kita buat yg terbaik, yg termampu. kalau ditakdirkan tempoh menyusu tu tak sampai 2 thn, xpe la kan? lgpun, time tu anak dah boleh minum fresh milk (ni case kalau banned susu formula).

batrisyia pun dah mula merasa fresh milk.. mkn dgn cornflakes, masuk dlm pancakes.. mlm td saja bg dia rasa 1 oz. terkulat-kulat dia pelik sbb rasa lain. tp dia minum gak.

Ely Hasrul said...

tu la liz, kadang golongan A nih cerita ade yg utk semangat sdr, kadang dorg xniat ape2 tapi ade yg dengki.. pon ade gak yg terlepas ckp smpai nampak riak lagik la org benci.. golongan B pulak org xpaham yg dorg dh berusaha.. kire dorg pon bukan nk kepoh2 cite ape usaha dorg tuh so org ingat dia xberusaha..jgn lupe golong C pula.. golongan yg xkesah langsung hahahhaa..

aahh xkesah lah. kite semua adelah ibu yg hebat.

Liz Rohaizat said...

ely> golongan A dan B harus saling memahami situasi. barulah boleh mengelakkan permusuhan seperti penyokong NS (hidup nogori!)dan kelantan. (eh,tiba-tiba lak).

golongan C mmg aku x heran sbb diorg jenis buat apa yg senang kot.

Faizah said...

Ayat ko mcm tulih karangan BM je. Aku terus terang la, amir tak berjaya disusukan exclusively susu aku. Huhuhu. Tp aku dh berjaya ni 4 ari susukan amir without topup dgn FM.masih lg bersemangat hahahah.moga Allah kuatkan semangat aku.

Liz Rohaizat said...

faizah> tak kesah la kalau amir dah merasa susu lain. byk kes camni gak tp lps tu mak dia cuba bg susu badan. ingat sue? iki minum formula utk 2 bln pertama kalau x silap aku. tak kesah beb. cuba yg terbaik. jgn meyesal apa yg dah berlaku tp cuba buat yg terbaik di masa akan dtg.

lin said...

good entry...hai..1st time kt sini..bloghop from k.fid.
betul tu..semua ibu nk yg terbaik utk anak diorg..tak semestinya tak bfkan anak tu mereka gagal menjadi ibu yg baik.. :)

Liz Rohaizat said...

lin> hi. welcome. betul tu, yg bg FM tu tak semestinya ibu yg gagal. dia x bg anak dia kehausan pun.

zidni said...

it's recommended, but not compulsory. ikut kemampuan & keadaan masing2.

suhainini said...

menyusula anak mengikut kemampuan, kehendak individu..semangat yg kuat dan tinggi amat perlu dlm menyusu anak terutama utk ibu2 yg bekerja...jgn cepat putus asa dan cepat mengalah serta malas terutama utk mengepam:)pada yg berjaya, bolehla kita jadikan idola and pada yg kurang berjaya, pastikan berjaya for the next baby..
anyway..salam kenal

Fatimah Bt Tony said...

perkongsian yang sangat menarik. Sekarang ni ramai ibu-ibu yang suka ambil jalan mudah. Kalau baby menolak untuk menyusu badan, terus je suakan baby dengan susu formula. kesian baby..

Penyusuan susu ibu adalah yang terbaik.

Azira said...

Great sharing. Thank you for the post.

mohd salihin bin nadzari salihin said...

sy ank first bersggh nk bg xpndi..tu yg minum susu anmum..dahla xde internet,mude,duit pun xde,org tua pun xde dtg jenguk lgsg mase bersalin... bukan semua org tuhan dah tulis rezki anak kite..x baik tuduh org x kesah..

Liz said...

mohd salihin> maaf. "tak baik tuduh org x kesah" tu merujuk kpd ayat siapa? hihi. saya tak cakap macam tu (ni in case kalau salah faham). tapi kalau orang lain yang cakap tu, takpe.. kita biarkan orang nak cakap apa. asalkan kita tau apa yg kita buat. jgn susah hati ye :)

Anonymous said...

Anak sy 11 bulan..smpi skrg sy sedih n kecewa xdpt bg susu bdn pd die..tiap kali bncuh susu sy akan rase penyesalan..cuma dpt susukan die 2bln mase pantang je..yg lg menyedihkan sb sy byk susu tp anak xpandai hisap..dan mungkin sy kurang ilmu n cpt give sy ibu yg dpy menyusukan anak mmg bole jgn smpi mendabik dada..peace

maz jamal said...

nice sharing sis...masa anak sulong mmg cita2 tu nk fully breastfeeding tp dlm hati,"susah sgt ke nyusu anak ni, org dulu2 rilex je xde internet semua nk rujuk2"..jadinya ambil ringan je...sekali anak sulong lahir, fuhhhh...mmg mencabar dan sudahnya gagal menyusu at least smpi 6 bln..sedih, menyesal pun dah rezeki takat tu..klu dengar org ngata mmg x blh hidup..cekalkan hati, niat utk belajar dr kesilapan..alhamdulillah anak kedua umur stahun masih bf..

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