Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Personalized birth poster by Lisha

As a mother, I want to give something special to my daughter on her first birthday. I've been thinking about it for months. Then, I came across Show the Love. I love all the posters that Lisha made. She's so creative, isn't she? For me, it's not easy to pick up the right colors, the right words and come out with a nice personalized poster.

After exchanging emails, she sent me 2 drafts. Hubby picked Option 1. However, I choosed to proceed with Option 2 because it is quite different than other poster that she made before.

Here is the final product!

I LOVE IT! I can't wait to hang it on our wall.

4 scribble(s):

Ely Hasrul said...

nakk gakkk

bumble_bee said...

Liz, poster tu sangat cantik. Memang idea yg baik untuk first birthday. Teringin pulak nak buat untuk 2nd birthday Maisarah.

Liz said...

ely> haa, boleh je. contact je lisha by email. attach sekali jawapan utk soalan2 yg lisha dah bg kat blog tu. nnt dia akan buat draft.

kak anisa> buat la kak. actually, lisha bkn buat utk birth poster aje. dia boleh buat utk perkara lain jugak.. anniversary pun boleh. cuma kebetulan, ramai yg buat birth poster dgn dia sejak tgk dia buat poster utk anak dia sndr.

Mama-Miya a.k.a Jedi Hopeful a.k.a Proud Zakiah Khairani said...

thats a cute way to show love!!


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