Friday, October 23, 2009

Appreciation to YOU; my dearest hubby

First thing is I don't have time to check for grammatical error. So, please read this entry without shaking you head. Thank you.


My hubby bukan romantik orangnya. Dia tak pernah belikan bunga, tak suka filem-filem cinta, tak tujukan lagu-lagu cinta.. tak buat apa yg lelaki romantik selalu buat.

Yes, he's not that kind of person.

But it doesn't matter because I don't like all that things either. Ok, I used to get dozens of love cards.. you know like card from Hallmark with a very nice love poem inside. Uhuks, that was a long time ago.. I was so young.. we were so young.

I was very patient.. and I couldn't wait for a puzzle to be completed. Then, I burned the cards, together with my love towards the sender. From that moment, I took a new journey with this man.

That man is my husband.

He's not perfect. What the hell, I'm not perfect!

He's 40. I'm 27. Some people say I'm crazy for marrying him. Owh, I don't care. Will you marry me just to 'save' me from marrying a man who is 13 years older than me? You don't have to answer that question because I already knew the answer. And even if you say 'YES', I won't.

Age is not a big problem. 13 years older is good. He's mature and patient. Very patient to live with his so garang wife.. hehehe.. sorry dear.

Last Tuesday, I went to sleep early. 30 minutes later.. or maybe an hour later.. damn, the truth is I didn't look at the watch when my hubby woke me up and sang me a Happy Birthday song. I thought it was in my dream. Then, he gave me my birthday present. I opened my eyes and said, "Birthday Liza esok la. Knp nyanyi awal sgt?". Oh, you jackass.. entah-entah dah midnite!

I don't need a dozens of flowers, an expensive necklace, a trip to overseas, a silver Lamborghini Gallardo.. to make me happy. Oh, please scratch that Lamborghini Gallardo. All I need is a perfect gift. A gift that you put all your thoughts in it. A gift that shows that you know what I like, what I want and who I am.

I thank you for that.

I love you too.

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sya_firwan said... sweet..papa batrisyia lagih..:)

ezan said...

so sweet.. kadang2 wish & simple card from beloved hubby is the most expensive gift yang kita nak kan.. huhuuh(tp kalo bg benda lain pun nak la gak.. bonus tu.. :P)

btw, happy birthday!!!

Ely Hasrul said...

alaaaa lomatik nye hubby!!! besh besh!!

hepi besday!!

Faizah said...

bestnyaaaaaaaa, takyah baca lg kt laptoppp

Liz Rohaizat said...

sya> aaa, mmg sweet! sayang.. sayang.. sayang..

ezan> simple thing mmg boleh buat kita terharu.

still remember one case. mkn kat kfc. dia leh order ORIGINAL RECIPE padahal sy suke HOT AND SPICY. skali saya masam muka. pastu sy nak minum air. ada 2 air yg berlainan. sy xtau air apa. so sy ty dia mana satu air saya. dia jwb, "Yg ni. Ni ice lemon tea. Abang tau Liza suka minum air tu". Wah, terus x masam muka.

Thanks for the wish. Belated birthday.

ely> I'm confuse. Aku ckp hubby aku x romantik. Here you are, ckp hubby aku romantik. Hahaha..

thanks for the wish. Belated birthday.

Faizah> No.. patutnya ko ckp "Daahhh.. takyah baca lagi. Kan dah khatam cite tu 4 kali!". Hahaha..

cintaKusayangMu said... sweet...adakah ku harus jeles??ye..ku harus juge jeles..sbb pe??sbb ku mau jeles..wakakaka....happy besday 27 ye?xpe..still worry...kita same2 muda..same2 dpt suami 13yrs tua dr kita...

Liz Rohaizat said...

qis> owh, abg jep pun umur 40 ke? xtau pulak.

Mama-Miya a.k.a Jedi Hopeful said...

eh..i totally tak sedar this entry about ur birthday..happy birthday to u too..org2 hebat mmg lahir in oct..kihkihkih..

eh sama2 dpt buku gak eek..

Liz Rohaizat said...

mama miya> haha, sendiri perasan hebat eh? hahaha. org yg lahir bln october nie mmg gitu. kihkihkih.

tu la. sama2 dpt buku.


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