Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Damn it!

I'm at the office.. reading The Time Traveller's Wife..

Damn it!

Why?? Why?? Oh.. come as fast as you can, Clare!

I wanna cry.

My close friends knew that I hardly crying over a love story unless the storyline is so damn good!

More about this book later.

2 scribble(s):

Mama-Miya a.k.a Jedi Hopeful a.k.a Proud Zakiah Khairani said...

i tak reti baca buku romance..i suka baca buku tema vampire..and most of the time i did cry baca buku anne rice. over feeling lak.

Liz said...

mama miya> tema vampire? vampire series pun suka ke?

skrg dah jarang nak baca novel. kalau yg org recommend je, baru sibuk nak baca.


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