Friday, January 19, 2007

Early signs of pregnancy

I had a light headache since yesterday and it drives me crazy! Sekejap pening, sekejap tak. Duhh, susah nak buat kerja.

Maybe pening sbb byk mkn seafood last week (tp tu last week). Maybe juga sbb my thyroid 'memberontak'. Or maybe it's the early sign that I'm pregnant (as usual, tu pendapat my hubby).

Ok, let's see..

There're 14 early signs of pregnancy.

-No menstrual period
-Fullness, bloating, aching in abdominal area, some women mistake this for PMS
-Implantation bleeding or spotting, generally occurs a few days before a missed period
-Positive home pregnancy test
-Fatigue and sleepiness
-Breast fullness or tenderness , darkened areolas
-Weight gain (only 1 kg)
-Frequent urination
-Increased vaginal secretions
-Aversion to certain foods or odors
-Nausea or vomitting
-Mood swings

Yg italic tu, aku dah dapat. But tak semestinya aku pregnant tp tu pun sign utk period gak kan?

God, please help us.
Period, please don't come.

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